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Well-structured concept

provides strong connection

between your show

and audience.

Pre-vis vs Reality.jpeg
Genesis concept 1.jpg

Pre-visualised photos

are always provided,

make easy to estimate

the atmosphere of your show, 

save much time in the theatre.


What’s more,

lighting techniques

used in other fields;

architecture, film 

are used to enrich

the design.

Find a proper design

to shine your precious show.




Jason is a London-based lighting designer with many years of professional experience since 2012 in the entertainment industry in South Korea and The United Kingdom. He studied MA Light in Performance at Rose Bruford College, and he had masterclasses from Patrick Woodroffe, Michael Hulls, Andi Watson, Lucy Carter. Jason has done an internship at Woodroffe Bassett Design (Patrick Woodroffe), the world-leading lighting design production. He has his own unique visual aesthetic theory based on neuroaesthetics and evolutionary biology. His outstanding lighting design has made with the disciplinary research. The design process is plotted under cutting-edge lighting design software in advance. It creates more sophisticated and has great visual outcomes. The experiences in

National Theatre, Neg Earth, PRG UK are supporting his Imagination to realise. He has also served on the jury in "Minuit Une 2nd IVL Remote Lighting Design Contest". In addition, Jason is currently lecturing at Rose Bruford College.

Lighting Designer

Design Area: Theatre, Musical, Opera, Dance, Fashion, Live Music Concert, Installation


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